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Dignity4Patients - Press Statement 28.08.2023

Statement from Dignity4Patients regarding the letter sent to Louth County Council by their former chair Mr. Paul Murphy regarding the rescinding of the freedom of Drogheda from Bro. Edmund Garvey

Thank you for the invite to address this. I am on scheduled leave having had major surgery and am unable to speak live on the show. However please feel free to read out the following statement.

I had a lengthy conversation with Damian O’Farrell yesterday and he fully recognises that the letter sent by our former Chair Paul Murphy to Louth County Councillors in no way represents the views of our victims, our Board, or our staff.

We were totally unaware of this letter and would never, ever, have sanctioned or supported it.

Damian also fully understands we are beyond devastated that anyone associated with Dignity4Patients could write such a letter.

Our victims, Damián's victims' group and Damian have been let down in the most egregious manner.

By seeking the rescinding of the Freedom of Drogheda from Brother Garvey, Damian and the victims he works with are looking for symbolic reparation, a human right, in the absence of all other justice pathways both civil and criminal - justice pathways blocked by the Christian Brothers under Brother Garvey’s watch with no nominated person to serve legal papers on.

Any person who stops justice pathways for victims of sexual abuse carries 'blame' and is not 'blameless', just as Brother Garvey did. Dignity4Patients unreservedly supports ALL victims of sexual violence in their endeavours to seek justice.

Thank you for highlighting the excruciatingly difficult road victims are forced down when seeking justice for the horrific sexual abuse they suffered as children at the hands of the state and religious orders. And their decades long fight.

I am very happy to speak to you once I’ve returned to work in the autumn. Press Contact:

Adrienne Reilly CEO

Telephone : 083 088 6301



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