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Patient Rights

When you go to the doctor, dentist, hospital or physical therapist, or see other medical professionals, you trust them to treat you with respect as they care for your health. Sexual abuse by a medical professional is a serious violation of trust, medical ethics, and the law.  You have the right to make decisions about what happens inside and outside of your body, those rights  have played a significant the role in the law and ethics of healthcare services.


Bodily integrity has been recognised by the courts as a legal right, protected by the general guarantee of “personal rights” contained within Article 40 of the Irish constitution.

Examples of Common Patient Rights include:

  • The Right to Be Treated with Respect.

  • The Right to Obtain Your Medical Records.

  • The Right to Privacy of Your Medical Records.

  • The Right to a Treatment of your Choice.

  • The Right to Informed Consent.

  • The Right to Refuse Treatment.

Examples of Common Patient Rights Violations include:

  • Failing to treat the patient with dignity or respect.

  • Failing to provide quality care.

  • Failing to provide proper nursing services.

  • Abandoning or neglecting the patient.

  • Isolating the patient.

  • Failing to ensure the patient was not subjected to abuse.

  • Administering unnecessary medications without consent.

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